Each activity can be a stand alone exercise used within curriculum lessons or an after school club or used together to provide the basis for a festival of introductory orienteering and appropriate multi skills stations.

These activities are designed to enable the teaching of basic orienteering skills and associated physical skills in a fun and exciting manner. Resources required to run the activities and organize a festival are included in this pack, no specialized equipment is needed to run the activities.

The activities provide plenty of opportunities to encourage teamwork and co-operation.

In each activity page you will find:

  • Ages: indication of the best age spam of the target group

  • Location: suitable place where the activity should be taken

  • Duration: typical length of the activity

  • Aim: goal of the activity

  • Description: overall idea about the activity

  • Equipment: the material that is needed

  • Preparation: how to prepare the material (especially the map)

  • Implementation: step by step explanation

  • Tips and variations: Tips and progression proposal for activity variations

List of activities:

List of orienteering games and applications that you can find online: