• Ages: 6+ y/o
  • Location: Classroom
  • Duration: 10-15 minutes
  • Aim:
  1. Have a clear view of the classroom, a well know place
  2. Confront of own skills with others
  • Equipment:
  1. Blank sheets of paper
  2. Pens and pencils of different colors
  • Implementation:
  1. The students need to draw the objects inside the classroom, from a bird's eye view
  2. They may add the owners name to each desktop
  3. After this first activity, the teacher should give feedback and ask if someone wants to set some courses and (using the paper O-flags) have some short sprint event or team relay


  • Ikä: k
  • Paikka: s
  • Kesto: h
  • Tavoite: ha
  • Kuvaus: y
  • Välineet: t
  • Suunnittelu: m
  • Toteutus: y
  • Variaatiot: e