• Ages: 6-9 y/o
  • Location: Classroom
  • Duration: 10-15 minutes
  • Aim:
  1. To continue the introduction of map reading and drawing
  2. To practice relating maps to the areas they represent
  • Equipment:
  1. Random items in each child's desk
  2. Papers, 1x student
  • Implementation:
  1. Ask the students to arrange a few items on their desktop, e.g. a pen, rubber, notebook, ruler, scissors, calculator.
  2. Tell them to try and arrange them differently to those of their neighbors.
  3. Children draw on a piece of paper the layout of the items on the desk. They should not write their name on their map.
  4. When all of them have finished, ask the children to go outside the classroom and to give you their map as they go. Shuffle the maps.
  5. The children then return to the classroom, taking a map from you as they pass. They should try to identify the desktop depicted on the map they have received.


  • Ikä: k
  • Paikka: s
  • Kesto: h
  • Tavoite: ha
  • Kuvaus: y
  • Välineet: t
  • Suunnittelu: m
  • Toteutus: y
  • Variaatiot: e