• Ages: 6+ y/o
  • Location: Classroom
  • Duration: 10-15 minutes
  • Aim:
  1. Test students capacity
  2. Cooperation and knowledge
  • Equipment:
  1. One activity paper per team
  2. Cones for the start / change-over location
  • Implementation:
  1. Divide the students in teams of 3 or 4
  2. Place the papers at the other end of the classroom or school hall
  3. The starting place is on the other side of the room
  4. 1 student per team is allowed to run to the papers and can write down maximum 1 symbol description
  5. After that, he/she has to run back to the starting place and give the change-over
  6. The second student from his/her team is now running to the paper and filling another symbol description of his choice
  7. When a team has completed the paper, they have won the exercise if they made no mistakes
  8. The instructor or teacher should also check all the papers with the class at the end, to clarify if some students are still unsore about symbols, colors and descriptions


  • Ikä: k
  • Paikka: s
  • Kesto: h
  • Tavoite: ha
  • Kuvaus: y
  • Välineet: t
  • Suunnittelu: m
  • Toteutus: y
  • Variaatiot: e