(ENG) Map comparison

  • Ages: 6+ y/o
  • Location: Classroom
  • Duration: 10-15 minutes
  • Aim:
  1. Understand different maps
  2. See which area is covered by the school map
  • Equipment:
  1. Set of school maps
  2. Aerial image of the same area
  3. Other variations require different maps (physical maps, tematic maps, old maps, etc...)
  • Implementation:
  1. The class goes through the school maps and checks all the objects to see if they are visible or not on the aerial image
  2. There may be some characteristics that the kids didn’t notice before, like the color of a certain roof or how parkland objects are seen from above

(FIN) aaa

  • Ikä: k
  • Paikka: s
  • Kesto: h
  • Tavoite: ha
  • Kuvaus: y
  • Välineet: t
  • Suunnittelu: m
  • Toteutus: y
  • Variaatiot: e

Examples of different maps with different symbols and aims.