• Ages: 6+ y/o
  • Location: School yard
  • Duration: 20-30 minutes
  • Aim:
  1. Understand the mapper’s job
  2. Practice drawing and estimating distances
  3. Remember the school symbols and their colors
  • Equipment:
  1. Set of maps with outlines only or total blank sheets of paper
  2. Pens and pencils of different colors
  • Implementation:
  1. Students need to work like a mapper, adding all usefull objects with a certain color
  2. Objects need to be drawn in proportion and with the proper symbol
  3. Students can add the north arrow, map name and scale, legend and other usefull objects
  4. The teacher should not give many instructions and let the kids use their knowledge and imagination
  5. But it’s very important to check all the products at the end and give constructive feedback to the students and sometimes admire their drawing because some of them can be very creative

(FIN) aaa

  • Ikä: k
  • Paikka: s
  • Kesto: h
  • Tavoite: ha
  • Kuvaus: y
  • Välineet: t
  • Suunnittelu: m
  • Toteutus: y
  • Variaatiot: e